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C: A Reference Manual
Fifth Edition

Samuel P. Harbison III
Guy L. Steele Jr.

This best-selling, authoritative reference manual provides a complete description of the C language, the run-time libraries, and a style of C programming that emphasizes correctness, portability, and maintainability.

Describing the C language more clearly and in more detail than any other book, authors Samuel P. Harbison III and Guy L. Steele Jr. provide in a single manual:

  • Standard C (1999): The new revision of the C Standard supports complex and Boolean types, variable length arrays, precise floating-point programming, and new libraries for portability and internationalization.
  • Standard C (1989): The version of C used by most of today’s programmers.
  • Traditional C: Common practice before 1990, with millions of lines of code in use every day.
  • C++ compatible C: Code that can be used as C or C++.
  • The complete C run-time libraries for all C versions.

C: A Reference Manual is the only book that describes all the details of C—past and present. It is the single must-have reference for all C programmers and implementors.

Thoroughly revised and updated, the expanded fifth edition includes a complete description of the latest C Standard, ISO/IEC 9899:1999, with its powerful language extensions and new libraries.

New: Visit the Web site: contains source code for the longer examples in the book, expanded discussions on language issues, the latest ISO/IEC language corrigenda, and links to other C resources.

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